Superandom Comics
is a webcomic drawn and maintained by Nathan Bowler, who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He’s beautifully pictured to the right as a koala bear. More info about him can be found here.

This webcomic itself is filled with superheroes, unicorns, and other random things. It even has a few recurring characters, which can be found here. It is updated every Tuesday and sometimes at random.

All extra things on the site, such as the Random Character Battles, and short stories, can be found in the Extras Menu to the left. You will find them so entertaining, you will poop your pants, and if you don’t, then you may have a constipation problem. For more info on your constipation problem, please see a doctor who deals with people’s asses.

Now go and read the entire archive and enjoy it. You’ll thank me later.

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Special thanks go out to DLStudio Design for the code development of the site, Simon Quigley for his technical help, Damien Ponting for his marketing expertise, and Sharon Nyangweso for her amazing support. Also, the biggest, baddest, special thanks goes out to the fans of the site for being the fans. You all deserve a cookie and a rocket high five (if you don’t know what a rocket high five is, then check out the diagram below).