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  1. Roshadi

    I watched Heroes mnaody and really enjoyed it, enough to overlook the obvious downsides of a pilot episode. It made me think of a show that was on probably 15-20 years ago, I think it was called “Misfits.” A bunch of teens (maybe older/younger) that never fit in anywhere else, but found each other and discovered their exeptional abilities. Does anyone else remember this show? I’ve been working 2 full time jobs and going to school full time for the past 2 years, so I’m just getting back to TV, and from what I had seen, I was afraid there were no more REAL TV shows. Reality TV is sad. They victimize people and humilite them for the entertainment of non-compassionate America. And those of us who watch such shows should be ashamed of ourselves for treating these poor peoples’ misfortune as entertaining. There are some “reality” shows that do show the good side of the coin, but very few. Anyway, I really posted this to see if anyone remembered Misfits; didn’t mean to rant about crappy TV.

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